GENI is an open infrastructure for at-scale networking and distributed systems research and education that spans the US.

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CNERT 2018

Submission deadline: January 21, 2018

GENI Regional Workshop

Date: May 14, 2018
Location: University of Kentucky, Lexington Learn more  […]

GENI Summer Camp

Dates: May 14-18, 2018
Location: University of Kentucky, Lexington Learn More[…]


GENI Regional Workshop at the University of Oregon

Jun Li, professor and director of the Center for Cyber Security and Privacy at the University of Oregon, hosted a[…]


Over 50 members of the GENI community came together for the 3rd GENI Network Innovators Community Event (NICE) held[…]

GENI Regional Workshop and Camp at Texas A&M University

Alex Sprintson and Walt Magnussen of Texas A&M University hosted a GENI Regional Workshop (GRW) and Summer Camp held May[…]

GENI Engineering Conference 25

The 25th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC), hosted by Julio Ibarra and Jason Liu of Florida International University, provided an excellent[…]

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