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16th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC16) – March 19-21, 2013

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The sixteenth GENI Engineering Conference (GEC16), hosted by Robert Ricci at the University of Utah, will be held from March 19 through March 21 in Salt Lake City.  Highlights of this GEC will include:

  • A review of GENI Solicitation 4.  The GPO will describe the objectives of this solicitation so potential proposers have the opportunity to better target their proposals to advancing GENI needs.  The GEC will be a good opportunity for proposers to talk to potential teammates and discuss ideas with the GPO.
  • Opening up of the GENI Portal for use by all experimenters.  This portal was demonstrated at the last GEC and has been under beta-testing since then. The portal will be used by an introductory tutorial at the GEC.

Tutorials at GEC16 will range from entry-level tutorials that cover basic experimentation and instrumentation with GENI to more advanced tutorials such as programming networks using OpenFlow.  All tutorials will be hands-on and attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops to these sessions.

Also of interest to experimenters will be an Experimenter Drop-in Session for help with their software, whether it be exercises they were unable to complete at a tutorial or experiments related to their research.  An experimenter help desk will also be available during the breaks on Days 1 and 2 of the conference.

Conference sessions directed at campus IT staff will cover details of the GENI racks hardware and software, site requirements for hosting GENI racks, and procedures for commissioning and operating these racks.

Session for GENI developers will include discussions on the GENI aggregate manager API, the GENI stitching APIs and VLAN programmability.  This GEC will continue with the popular Coding Sprint sessions where developers work together to resolve issues related to implementing the GENI APIs and other functions.  The developers are also available to help experimenters with their software.

The Demos and Poster reception  the evening of March 19 will feature demonstrations of GENI experiments, GENI tools and services and of projects related to or complementary to GENI.

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Hotel – Hotel accommodations are available at the University Guest House and the Little America Hotel.
Please note: Little America will be used as our overflow Hotel and it is not the GEC 16 Conference Location

Travel Grants
Travel grants to GEC16 are available to US academics. The purpose of these grants is to increase participant diversity. Click this link for travel grant instructions. The travel grant application deadline is February 13, 2013.

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If you are interested in hosting a future conference, visit the GEC Hosting Requirements page for more information.