GEC Hosting Requirements

If you are interested in hosting a GEC, the following information are examples of the requirements.

Example of Event Coordinator Tasks:

  • Event logistics
  • Registration site
  • Registration fee collection and bookkeeping
  • Payment On‐site registration support
  • On‐site support
  • Regular registration report to NSF and GPO
  • Produce badges (printing) ‐ two sided
  • Gift selection
  • Signage production
  • Calculation of registration fee
  • Work with GPO on logistics/agenda/speakers
  • Negotiation of AV/IT/connectivity
  • Rent easels for posters
  • Registration / coordinator office
  • Demo session food and beverage selections
  • Secure transportation to and from university to hotel
  • Communication with workshop organizer for coordination of logistics
  • Obtain sponsorship for demo session

Example of Demo Requirements Summary

No. of AC power outlets (includes projector, monitor, not data switches) 128
No. of wired connections w/o bandwidth restrictions 59
Wireless used for demo 55
Monitors** 35
No. of 6 feet table units 35
No. of chairs (3 per table)
Poster support (stands & foam boards) 44

GEC demo requirements additional notes:
* Please bring the following:

  • Number of demoers may vary slightly from time to time due to the space availability and/or # of requesters
  • Must provide sufficient power feed for supporting the demos
  • Must provide A/V rental (including setup/strike) including On‐site Assistance
  • Must provide demo room and reception space rental
  • Need to provide Storage / Staging Room (8′x8′ should be sufficient)
  • Need to provide tables and chairs. This included rental, setup and teardown.
  • May need to rent other associate Equipment
    (i.e.. Switches, Cables, Networking Hardware, power outlets & extension cords, etc.)
  • May need to provide or rent Fiber/Ethernet cables and installation, etc.
  • Monitors: Some may require VGA (usually half dozen)

**We require quantity (30) 32” Monitors and quantity (5) 42” monitors.
(5) monitor pole mounts are desirable


  • Need to provide space for tables and setup
  • May need table clothes and/or table skirts

Example of Conference Requirements

Download an Excel spreadsheet containing a breakdown of sample expenses.

For more information, contact gec-admins {at) googlegroups [dot}] com