Meet the GENI Project Office (GPO)

The GPO provides system engineering and project management expertise to guide the planning and prototyping efforts of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI). GPO systems engineers help draw up the system design, identify and track technical risks, capture and manage system requirements, provide oversight and support to GENI working groups, and monitor and coordinate prototyping subcontracts. The GPO leads periodic GENI Engineering Conferences for collaboration in the developer community and issues solicitations to fund prototype development that addresses technical risks. The GPO also performs project management, contracting, technical liaison, and meeting coordination in close coordination with the National Science Foundation.

The GPO team includes:

Mark Berman — Project Director

Marshall Brinn— GPO GENI Architect

Heidi Picher Dempsey — Operations & Integration Director

Chip Elliott — GENI Futures Director

Manu Gosain —  Systems Engineer

Aaron Helsinger — Senior Software Engineer

Tom Mitchell —  Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Ali Sydney —  Network Scientist

Dr. Vicraj (Vic) Thomas — Distributed Systems and Security Engineer

Tim Upthegrove — Systems Engineer