Call for nominations – GENI council members and host institutions

Initial submissions due: March 1, 2016.

The GENI project transition team seeks community input on the future leadership of GENI. The foreseen leadership structure includes a GENI council, with policy responsibility, and an executive / administrative group, with day-to-day management responsibility. The anticipated relationship between the executive and the council follows a CEO and board of directors model.

In 2017, GENI’s legal identity is planned to transition from the current GENI project office to one or more new host institution(s). Candidate institutions are most likely to be existing or new non-profit entities. A candidate may be an institution of higher education, a consortium developed for the purpose, or another non-profit.

All interested members of the community are invited to submit nominations for council members or host institutions, along with a brief (1-2 paragraphs) statement of support. Nominations may identify specific individuals or categories that should be represented. Self-nominations are welcome.

Because the precise role and structure of GENI in its future host institution(s) is not fully defined, the transition team anticipates engaging in exploratory discussions with potential host institutions. The purpose of these discussions will be to identify the transition approach that makes best use of the unique capabilities of the host institution to meet the needs of the GENI community. Potential host institutions are expected to work with the GENI transition team to develop a sustainment and growth plan for GENI.

Nominators are encouraged to submit nominations for community discussion via the mailing list (and to join the group). Alternately, input may be submitted directly to the transition team chair, Mark Berman.

Additional information on GENI’s future governance is available in the report and workshop notes from the December 2015 GENI future planning workshop.

Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the positions are filled. However, nominators are encouraged to submit nominations by March 1, 2016, to permit community discussion at GEC24 in Tempe, AZ.