GENI Management Transition

The GENI Project Office (GPO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) invite letters of interest from organizations with an interest in assuming management responsibility for GENI. Letters should be submitted by June 30, 2016 for fullest consideration.


The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) project is preparing for a management transition from the current GPO, managed by BBN. Discussions of the transition process have been underway since June 2015, and transition is expected to complete by late 2017.

While any reasonable approach is welcome, recent community discussions have centered on a model that includes both a broad consortium of research institutions and a project office with management and operations responsibility.[1] This invitation is addressed to institutions with an interest in assuming the project office role.

Letters of Interest

Interested parties are invited to submit letters of interest to Mark Berman (GPO), by June 30, 2016. Letters of interest are not formal proposals and do not bind the submitting institution, but they should represent an institutional intent to engage in a cooperative planning process with the GPO and the NSF to accomplish GENI management transition. Submissions should be concise and address the submitter’s viewpoint on the following topics.

  1.      Strategy for managing GENI project office functions and relationship with consortium.
  2.      Opportunities for collaboration both within and beyond submitting institution.
  3.      Submitter’s capabilities for GENI sustainment and increasing impact.
  4.      Timeline and key milestones.
  5.      Rough outline of budget, including expenses and anticipated NSF and non-NSF funding sources.

Discussion Encouraged

Because of the complexity of the GENI effort, interested parties are strongly encouraged to speak directly with the GPO and/or the NSF when considering and preparing a response. Points of contact are Mark Berman (GPO), and Jack Brassil (NSF),

[1] See “Long-Term Planning For GENI” for GEC24 discussion, emphasizing consortium model and “GENI Future Planning Workshop” for background on transition goals and approaches.