Dorene Ryder

Dorene Ryder is the Project Manager for the GENI Project Office (GPO). Dorene manages the GENI portfolio of contracts, overall budget, and dozens of sub-awards with universities and other GENI performers. She is responsible for the day-to-day activities and overall project execution.

Dorene joined BBN Technologies in 1993 and brings a breadth of government research and development experience to the GPO. Her technical experience includes Advanced Networking, Information Assurance, Semantic Web, and Acoustic Technologies. Over the years she has managed a number of R&D projects for customers such as the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), National Science Foundation, and the US Navy. Dorene particularly enjoys interacting with bright principal investigators and collaborative teams, and has the enviable job of balancing the innovative ideas and pursuits within the schedule and budget constraints.

Dorene’s project work includes BBN’s recently completed Content-Based Mobile Edge Networking program for DARPA. She managed the team of research engineers and two subcontractors during the development of a novel content-based networking protocol that enabled soldiers operating in the field to share information over military radios operating in an austere environment. Dorene served as the test director during the field demonstration. Earlier in her career, Dorene managed the DARPA Information Assurance and Survivability laboratory where she directed an ongoing series of scientific experiments designed to advance the art of cyber defense. She oversaw all lab activities to include the full experimentation cycle and 24×7 lab operations, demonstrations, and she presented program briefs to a regular stream of VIPs from government and military agencies. In the operational testing and transition phase of the program, Ms. Ryder worked extensively with the military operational community to lead the full onsite experiment cycle, including underway experimentation on operational networks, on a number of US Navy ships and shore-based installations, through to successful completion in the eyes of both the military and DARPA customers. Dorene developed her sea legs early in her career when she worked as an acoustical engineer focused on the reduction of noise and vibration on US Navy ships using both passive and active noise control approaches.

Dorene holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.