Federate Your Testbed

To federate your testbed with GENI, email help@geni.net.  For a list of federated testbeds see Federated Testbeds

Federating your testbed with GENI will:

  • Enable interesting experiments that include resources from your testbed and GENI resources.
  • Help get more users to your testbed as GENI users will now be able to access resources from your testbed using standard GENI mechanisms.
  • Connect you to the community of federated of research cyber-infrastrucures.

o federate your testbed with GENI you will need to:

  1. Implement the GENI AM API.
  2. Agree to the  Aggregate Providers Agreement.
  3. Recognize experimenter credentials issued by a GENI slice authority. This means you will grant access to your testbed resources to experimenters with the appropriate credentials signed by a GENI slice authority. You may set up policies specific to your testbed on usage of your testbed resources. For example, you may limit the number of resources held by an experimenter or how long they are held.
  4. Document your aggregate and add a summary link to the list of federated GENI aggregates.
  5.  Please use this template documentation page for your summary, and link additional pages as needed.
  6. Test integration with other GENI engineers.