Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell is a Senior Software Engineer for the GENI Project Office (GPO).  He is responsible for defining and implementing the GENI APIs.

Tom has worked at BBN since the late 1980s on a broad range of projects. Initially hired as an Artificial Intelligence programmer, Tom provided the computer-generated opposing force for a SIMNET, a distributed simulation project. Tom helped to build an expert system for the Internal Revenue Service to determine which tax returns were audit candidates. Geographic systems were Tom’s next challenge, culminating in OpenMap, an open source Java toolkit for geographic visualization. Tom then spent several years working on the Analysis of Mobility Platform (AMP), a fielded modeling and decision support tool in steady use at US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM). Tom helped to develop Smart Conversation Recording (SCR), a system to record multiple audio and visual channels simultaneously, securely store the data, and enable playback with audio beam-forming to allow analysis of conversations in a noisy environment. SCR has been in operational use since 2006. Tom also worked on the Tunnel Activity Detection System (TADS), a system that records and analyzes subterranean seismic data to detect tunneling activity. TADS is operating 24/7 in several locations around the world. Returning to geographic visualization, Tom helped ConEdison monitor and task their fleet of Vactor trucks by blending location data with their jobs database into a single web-based system. Additionally, Tom has worked in the areas of healthcare, fraud detection, and cyber security (to name a few). Prior to working at BBN, Tom worked at The MITRE Corporation.

Tom holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester.